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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition for rowdy?

Definition of rowdy. (Entry 1 of 2) : coarse or boisterous in behavior : rough also : characterized by such behavior rowdy local bars.

What is a rowdy person?

adj, -dier or -diest tending to create noisy disturbances; rough, loud, or disorderly: a rowdy gang of football supporters. a person who behaves in a rough disorderly fashion 1. rough and disorderly: rowdy behavior. 2. a rough, disorderly person.

What does Roudy mean?

1. adjective. When people are rowdy, they are noisy, rough, and likely to cause trouble. He has complained to the police about rowdy neighbours. There were rowdy scenes inside parliament during the debate.

What is the plural of rowdy?

The plural form of rowdy is rowdies . Find more words! On the other side they were considered as wild red necks, rowdies and drunks. In 1969 the canyon shut down, overrun by motorcyclists, students, and assorted rowdies. The rowdies were given a free hand to subvert justice, equality,...

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