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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my SMSU e-mail account?

The SMSU Information Technology Services (ITS) provides every student with their own Office 365 E-Mail account. Your E-mail address will usually be [email protected], however your login credential is [email protected] In order to have access to your SMSU e-mail account you will have to know your StarID username and password.

What kind of email does St Cloud State offer?

All students and employees have St. Cloud State email available in Office 365. St. Cloud State students and employees each can download (at no extra charge) up to five (5) copies of Microsoft Office for Windows, Mac, and mobile (iOS, Android) platforms.

What type of email account does SCTCC use for email?

SCTCC uses Office 365 through Minnesota State for email, which also provides Microsoft Office programs and OneDrive for students through their cloud accounts. Your email address will not be changing! Don't know or forgot your StarID password?

How do I login to Office365 as a student?

Login to Office365 using your [email protected] login ID is required. Requests must be for clearly academic purposes. August 1st and December 1st, the account will be active for fall semester. December 2nd and July 31st, the account will be active for spring and summer semesters.

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