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Frequently Asked Questions

Can real estate be sold while in probate?

There are specific legal procedures which must be followed to sell a property during a probate but, in most cases, it’s not that different from any other sale. If all of the heirs sign off on the sale, then the court usually doesn’t have to get involved.

Can you buy a home that is in probate?

Buying a house in probate. If you’re thinking about buying a home in probate, you might face a significant hurdle—time. “Probate can possibly slow down the timing as there may be required consents from the decedent’s beneficiaries or approval that could be required by the probate court,” Kunkler said. “Most states have laws ...

Can probate court order the selling of real property?

The personal representative of the estate can sell real property during probate if certain conditions are met, even if specific permission wasn't granted in the will of the deceased person (also known as the decedent). Those conditions include:

Can you sell personal property while Will is in probate?

You don’t own the property until the probate process finishes. That means you don’t have a right to sell the property until the entire probate process gets finished. The longer answer is yes, technically you can, you just have to get creative in how you go about it.

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