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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best control panel for serverminer?

Control Panel ServerMiner boasts of one of the industry’s most powerful control panels. The SMpicnic took two years of thorough research and testing to ensure it provided superior performance and functionality. It incorporates amazing features like Player Tracker, an instant multi-version plug-in installer, World Manager, and much more.

How often does serverminer backup my Minecraft server?

ServerMiner will automatically backup your server every 24 hours. How to create and use a MySQL Database for your Minecraft Server Follow these simple steps to create and use a MySQL Database for your Minecraft Server. How to sign into the SMpicnic Control Panel Follow these simple steps to sign into the SMpicnic Control Panel.

Is serverminer the best Minecraft server hosting?

ServerMiner is a game hosting server that delivers a specialized service tailored to Minecraft players, so one of the top Minecraft server hosting options, but rumors suggest they will release hosting options for Hytale in the future. That means that they do not have a wide array of games available for users interested in other genres.

How much does serverminer cost?

For just $7.58 a month, customers enjoy the seamless and lag-free performance as well as excellent customer service. We also noticed that the ServerMiner website and control panel are very user-friendly, which is a plus for individuals who are still trying to figure their way around such platforms.

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