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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track a Southwest flight?

Using real-time on-board GPS tracking systems running on ADS-B technology and GPS satellite tracking technology, passengers can get the status of Southwest’s flights for any of its fleet of 737 Boeing aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with embedded sensors, which send positioning and other data to receivers on land or satellite-based.

How do I check in for a Southwest Airlines flight?

Southwest Airlines check-in can be done at self-service kiosks in the airport lobby. The kiosks will print your boarding pass and provide you with a paper copy. You can also print your boarding pass 24 hours before the flight. You will need to show your ID at the self-service kiosk.

What is the FlightStats Global Flight Tracker?

The flight tracker gives you the power to track a flights' status, see their arrival and departure times, check the gates associated with the flights, and get the live position of your tracked flight on our interactive map. You won't need to be rushing to the airport prematurely, or worse yet, be late after making your friends wait in the lounge.

What is the status of my flight?

If you want to track a flight, you simply place the cursor over a yellow plane and the flight number will be displayed. If you click on the aircraft, a menu opens to the left of the flight radar. At the top, you will see the type of aircraft and, if you click on the image, you can view the aircraft image in full-screen mode.

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