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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my Southwest Airlines Flight?

You can retrieve information about a previously flown flight by logging into your account on Click on My Account and then visit the My Trips tab. You will see your Past Trips and can get the purchase details for your flight by clicking on the trip name. Simply print this page as your receipt.

Can You track a flight on southwest?

The enhanced flight tracking system that runs on real-time GPS satellite data allows you to track the location and status of all Southwest flights. Using the flight number, or arrival and departure airport, and departure date, you can track any Southwest flight. Q: Is my Southwest Airlines flight canceled? A.

When can I check in for Southwest flight?

You can check in online 24 hours before your flight. You can also print a boarding pass at this time. Boarding passes are also available at a Southwest Airlines Skycap Podium (where available), ticket counter, or E-Ticket Check-In kiosk (where available). Can I check in with my web-enabled device?

Is southwest cancelling flights?

Unfortunately for Southwest flyers, the airline is considered to be a low cost carrier, similar to Jet Blue, meaning they will not accept tickets from other airlines and vice versa if a cancellation occurs.

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