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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sports cars are there?

Sports car is a very broad stroke. Almost any car designed for performance driving can be considered a sports car. Then there are more specific terms to describe them, like super car, hyper car, pony car, GT, roadster, speedster etc. etc.

What is sports software?

​​Sport Software. Daktronics sport software brings accurate and comprehensive real-time sports scores and stats to multiple levels of play. Use the statistical software on its own to track player, game, and season stats, or combine with a display controller to instantly broadcast information for the whole crowd to see.

What is sports tire?

Goodyear's sport performance tires, also known as sport tires, offer handling, maneuverability, and enhanced wet and dry traction. If you enjoy driving with precision and responsiveness, these tires might be right for you.

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