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Frequently Asked Questions

Does state farm sell homeowners insurance?

State Farm insurance is a household name, as it has been an insurance provider for nearly a century. The company also offers a wide range of products, including car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and specialty add-ons.

How much is renters insurance with State Farm?

The price of your State Farm renters insurance policy depends on the information you provide when getting a quote, but a policy with $30,000 in personal property coverage costs about $12 a month.

Does state Farm offer renters insurance?

State Farm renters insurance offers liability coverage. Therefore, if a guest is injured in your rental property, the policy will cater for potential medical payments. If you leave your house and temporarily live elsewhere because of damages in your home, additional living expenses including hotel charges will be paid by the policy.

What does State Farm Home Insurance cover?

State Farm specifies that a standard policy includes a minimum of $10,000 to identify and repair damage from mold and fungus. Allstate may cover mold if it's the result of a burst pipe or other ...

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