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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to State Farm?

Secure Login - State Farm Enter your B2B ID and Password to access your online account. If you do not have a B2B ID and Password, you can Register Here, and obtain Registration Detail Here. The B2B ID or Password entered was incorrect. Please note that an ID has a limited number of attempts before it is locked out.

How do I contact State Farm customer service?

To speak to a State Farm customer service rep directly about general inquiries, dial 800-782-8332 and ask your questions. If you want to inquire about specific things, choose one of the numbers provided in the table below and call it: To avoid wasting time waiting on hold, use DoNotPay to skip the phone queue with ease!

How can I pay my State Farm bill?

Pay your bill by visiting (or calling) your State Farm agent. You can use a credit card or a check/money order made out to State Farm. Pay using the key code from your current bill by calling the State Farm bill pay number 800-440-0998 (24/7). Use a credit card or checking/savings account.

What is the State Farm Payment Plan?

With a State Farm Payment Plan, you’ve got the flexibility to make monthly payments, set up automatic payments, or go paperless. mobile app for free. Available for iOS and Android. We make State Farm bill pay easy and convenient. Choose the way to make a payment that works best for you.

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