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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct statement?

Correct, accurate, precise imply conformity to fact, standard, or truth. A correct statement is one free from error, mistakes, or faults. An accurate statement is one that shows careful conformity to fact, truth, or spirit.

What is statement and reason?

A statement of reasons is intended to explain to an applicant or a consulted third party how the decision was made. Writing good statements of reasons is a fundamental aspect of good decision making. This guideline has been developed to assist decision makers to make reasoned and consistent decisions.

What are synonyms for statement?

Synonyms for Statement: n. • apologia, utterance, allegation, profession, protestation, apology, accusation, remark, comment. • arrest, reckoning, apprehension, balance sheet, breathalyze, charge, audit, bust, receipt, apprehend, affidavit.

What is the definition of statement?

Legal Definition of statement. 1a : an official or formal report or declaration a statement of policy. b : an oral or written assertion (as by a witness) or conduct intended as an assertion — see also hearsay, prior consistent statement, prior inconsistent statement.

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