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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if you have Lyme disease?

... have been hiking, camping, or spending time near a lake with your dog, doctors encourage you to take a good look at their fur and check for ticks in areas between the toes or around the tail, ears and around the eyes. Berryessa says Lyme disease can ...

How quickly do Lyme disease symptoms appear?

• How quickly does Lyme disease show symptoms? Visible symptoms could appear as soon as 3 days after the bite or as late as 30 days after exposure, other symptoms appear within the same timeframe.

Why is Lyme disease so hard to diagnose?

This factor alone makes it hard to differentiate the symptoms of Lyme disease. Another factor that makes Lyme disease hard to diagnose is the lack of training among doctors. Doctors who reside in states with a high incidence of Lyme disease cases (northeastern U.S.) are more experienced.

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