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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the t26e1-1 tank used for?

The T26E1-1 tank was sent to Aberdeen Proving Grounds on 12 January 1945 for testing purposes. In March 1945, following the Aberdeen tests, the T26 tanks mounting the T15 gun was officially classified as the T26E4.

What happens if you fire on the t26e1-1?

Firing will interrupt the loading of the ready racks. The T26E1-1 is a slow, pretty well-armoured Tank Destroyer, and should be played as such, keeping enemies in front, while friends on flanks.

What was the weight limit for the T26E5?

Following the information gathered from the trial assault tank, on 29 March 1945, the specification requirement was updated. OCM 27122 recommended increasing the weight limit of the T26E5 to 51 tons (46.26 tonnes) as well as the effective frontal armor thickness to 11 inches (279.4 mm) to exceed any heaviest known enemy armor.

When was the T-26 tank raised from the bottom of the river?

This tank was raised from the river bottom at Nevsky Pyatachok in May 2003. The T-26 tank was a Soviet light tank used during many conflicts of the Interwar period and in World War II.

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