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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the T-26 tank?

At the same time, the Faculty of Mechanization and Motorization of the Military Technical Academy produced two “low power tanks”, TMM-1 and TMM-2, proceeding with several engines and parts from other vehicles. They were not retained and the final T-26, if very close to the original Vickers, had many alterations.

When did the US Army start using the T26?

In February 1945, the T26 was fielded in the European theatre, where its performance received early praise from Army Ordnance officials. The Army named the tank after Army General John J. Pershing when it was redesignated the M26 in March.

What is the difference between a Soviet T-26 and a British T26?

However, like its British counterpart, the T-26 mod. 1931 had a twin- turreted configuration and was designed to carry two machine guns, mounting one in each turret. A major difference was that the Soviet T-26 mod. 1931 had higher turrets (with an observation slit) than the British 6-Ton.

What kind of gun does a T26E5 have?

The tank sported the same 90 mm Tank Gun M3 L/53 high-velocity cannon with heavily reinforced frontal armor. The first T26E5 heavy tank (serial number 10007) at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) on 20 July 1945. Source: Hunnicutt’s Pershing

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