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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a T26 and T26E1?

The Medium Tank, T26E1 is an American prototype medium tank developed in the mid 1940s towards the end of the second world war. The T26E1 is fitted with a torqmatic transmission, which was lighter than the electric transmission of the T26. The T26E1 was developed in parallel with the T25E1, a lighter model.

What was the t26e1-1 tank used for?

The T26E1-1 tank was sent to Aberdeen Proving Grounds on 12 January 1945 for testing purposes. In March 1945, following the Aberdeen tests, the T26 tanks mounting the T15 gun was officially classified as the T26E4.

When was the t-26e3 authorized for production?

At long last the T-26E3 was authorized for production in November 1944. Yet the Army bureaucrats fretted over its battle-worthiness. This was prompted in part by after-action reports from the Battle of the Bulge that noted American tanks were prone to failure when they were needed the most.

What kind of gun does a T26E5 have?

The tank sported the same 90 mm Tank Gun M3 L/53 high-velocity cannon with heavily reinforced frontal armor. The first T26E5 heavy tank (serial number 10007) at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) on 20 July 1945. Source: Hunnicutt’s Pershing

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