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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the T 282 and T 282B?

The T 282B is an uprated version of the T 282 truck. The trucks are assembled in a 10 acre (4 hectare) factory in Newport News, Virginia, USA, that can handle four 282s at a time. The T 282B has an empty weight of 203 tonnes, and a maximum capacity of 365 tonnes.

Is the Liebherr T 282 still in production?

The Liebherr T 282 series is no longer in production, however, due to the extended service life of this equipment, many are still in operation on mines around the world. The T 282 series is succeeded by the Liebherr T 284 .

What kind of engine does a Mitsubishi T 282 have?

The T 282 C engine is a Tier 2, EPA-compliant diesel MTU/DD 20V4000 3,750 HP engine, configurable up to 4,000 HP. Water-cooled turbo chargers and exhaust manifold keep the engine cool, while the ADEC engine control module monitors fuel consumption and exhaust temperatures at multiple points.

Is the T 282 B compatible with the Liebherr trolley assist system?

The T 282 B is fully compatible with the Liebherr Trolley Assist System, built to save on fuel consumption without sacrificing productivity. Trolley assist is only available for trucks with electric drive systems. The T 282 B is powered by a diesel/electric powertrain.

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