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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a T20?

The T20 emits a unique electrical beep when the engine is turned on and off. The T20's name is likely a parody of the P1's, while also referencing the English alphabet, as "T" is the 20th letter. It could also be parodying the Tushek TS600, which also contains a "T" and a number.

When is the next T20 World Cup in Australia?

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia is set to take place in October and November in 2022. The 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup wins big at... Breaking boundaries and perceptions: The ICC Women's...

What is the radio station on a T20?

This vehicle may be selected randomly as a Top Range target source vehicle from SecuroServ during Vehicle Cargo missions with one of three different variations: CAR4M3L, T0PSP33D and D3VIL. The default radio station of the T20 is Non-Stop-Pop FM.

How good is the Hyundai T20 at driving?

The car uses a set of five-spoke dual rims with a pentagon-shaped centre, wrapped in low-profile tyres. The T20 has impressive acceleration, and a very good top speed. The car's nippy handling helps it smoothly transition from lane to lane on highways, but poses as a threat in busy traffic, since the handling can be unresponsive from time to time.

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