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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Texas A&M University template in canvas?

The Texas A&M University template in Canvas has been designed for ease of use by course instructors; and student-facing resources have been embedded to augment the student experience.

When will my course be available in canvas?

If your course instructor has indicated you will use Canvas for that particular course, below are important updates: You can access Canvas by logging into Howdy . Access to your course in Canvas will become available by the official start date, August 19, 2020 and once your course instructor publishes the course.

Where can I find the minimum syllabus requirements in canvas?

The Canvas implementation team has worked closely with the Faculty Senate to include the Minimum Syllabus Requirements into the Syllabus page of the Canvas template. Content on the Syllabus page is formatted for course instructors to enhance and add to as needed.

What do I do if I have trouble logging into canvas?

If you have trouble logging into the system, please email [email protected] Note: The username field in Canvas is labeled as “email.” However, please enter your UIN. After logging in successfully, please change your password:

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