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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact dining at TAMU? 979 845-3005 HERE’S THE DISH. Declining Balance dollars that can be used for snacks, meals, and anything in between. - Like a DEBIT card! DINING DOLLARS One entry to Sbisa, Commons or Duncan or use for a combo meal (“trade”). MEALS Meals traditionally used in the dining hall, that can be “traded” for a meal at a retail location.

Does Texas A&M charge for meal plans?

Fees for the selected Meal Plan will be added to the student’s Texas A&M University student fee, and are separate from housing fees. Any plan purchases or additions made after the ninth week of class cannot be charged to the student’s account and must be paid via credit card.

How much does it cost to attend Texas A&M University?

Texas A&M University meets requirements of the Texas Education Code, Section 54.017 regarding fixed tuition for undergraduate students. A fee of $75 is charged to all participants of the Cooperative Education program. Field trip fees are assessed to cover the cost of providing trips and vary depending on the course taken and expected expenses.

What is the Texas A&M University variable rate plan?

Beginning with the Academic Year 2018-2019, incoming undergraduate Texas resident students at Texas A&M University will be offered the choice between a variable rate tuition plan or a locked-rate (fixed) tuition plan allowing students and their parents to better plan and budget for college expenses.

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