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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact dining at TAMU? 979 845-3005 HERE’S THE DISH. Declining Balance dollars that can be used for snacks, meals, and anything in between. - Like a DEBIT card! DINING DOLLARS One entry to Sbisa, Commons or Duncan or use for a combo meal (“trade”). MEALS Meals traditionally used in the dining hall, that can be “traded” for a meal at a retail location.

What is the dining plan tracker?

A dining plan allows you to enjoy food on campus near your classes, with friends - and you are guaranteed to receive the lowest possible price on all your purchases Welcome to the Dining Plan Tracker.

Where can I find more information about dining plans?

For more information about dining plans visit the dining plan page. If you are a faculty or staff member and are interested in purchasing a dining plan, please visit Faculty & Staff Dining page.

What are the meal plan upgrades available?

Meal plan UPGRADES must take place during the first 9 weeks of class. After the ninth week of class, the following options will be available and payable by credit card only. (Student account billing not available): Additional dining dollars (available in $25 increments). Additional meal plan (smallest options available are Block 45 plans).

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