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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes freedom bank different?

We are a locally owned and operated community bank, serving Dubois, Spencer, and surrounding counties. Our friendly tellers, experienced lenders, and competitive rates are just a few things that set us apart from the other banks. At Freedom Bank, you’ll find the same smiling faces and friendly advice with every visit at any location.

What can I do with freedom bank's online banking service?

With Freedom Bank’s advanced online banking service, you can accomplish almost anything that you can do at one of our branches without leaving your home or office. There are even some things you can only do online, like set up customized account alerts for your phone. Freedom’s online banking service allows you to: in a row.

Is freedomfreedom bank safe to use?

Freedom Bank values the safety and security of our customers. We will never call you asking for your login information. Be wary of links and attachments in emails you weren’t expecting. Visit our online security page to learn how to avoid fraud or identity theft.

Why choose freedom bank Dale?

Our Dale office is a community bank that has been tailored to the specific needs of our Dale customers. Freedom Bank Dale’s goal is to provide quality customer service, easy-to-access answers, and the finest in Dale banking products. Access your online account or stop by our office to see us in person.

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