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Frequently Asked Questions

Did that Vegan teacher eat meat?

Gordon Ramsay has become known for roasting home cooks on TikTok. The outspoken TikToker That Vegan Teacher sang to Ramsay, asking him to stop eating meat. He responded by posting a duet in which he ate a burger and called her a "vegan doughnut." Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

Was that Vegan teacher fired?

In 2007 a vegan art teacher was fired for promoting his beliefs at the school in which he taught. Then, in 2009 , a financial trader sued for being fired from his job after enduring slurs relating...

Is the Vegan teacher married?

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer aka That Vegan Teacher’s Husband and Married Life. Moving on to Kadie Karen Diekmeyer’s personal life, we know that she is married. However, the name of her husband hasn’t been disclosed yet. Along with that, we remain clueless about her children too.

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