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Frequently Asked Questions

What is thatthatquiz?

ThatQuiz is a free testing service for teachers to use with their classes. Multiple choice tests and math tests can be administered to students using this website. All grades are immediately reported to the students. Teachers receive complete record keeping of test results, including all grades and wrong answers.

How do I enroll in a thatquiz course?

Scan a ThatQuiz QR code provided by your teacher to enroll. Teachers who install can see the exams and grades for their classes at a glance. They can also provide QR codes to their students to make testing easier on student phones.

How do my students test in thatquiz?

Have your students enter the code in the Test Code box on the ThatQuiz home page, and click Enter to begin testing. When students test together in a classroom setting, this is often the easiest method. Click on Edit Class in the menu to see the link to your class home page.

What is thatquiz Math App?

ThatQuiz makes the classroom and homework routine easy for teachers and students alike. This companion app to the website makes keeping track of exams, assignments and grades easier than ever. Anyone who installs this app can practice K-12 math using ThatQuiz’s flexible and powerful quiz generation tools.

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