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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a farmhouse mobile home?

The farmhouse style is a quintessential piece of American culture, and many homeowners want to bring this classic style into their home decor. Farmhouse style is characterized by: One of the easiest ways to achieve the farmhouse look is by purchasing a farmhouse mobile home—a manufactured home that’s created in the farmhouse style.

What is the American farm house series?

The American Farm House Series. Welcome to modern country living made affordable. Our American Farm House Series marries fresh, rustic design with open-concept floor plans creating timeless interiors that are oh-so-easy on the eyes. Dream homes do come true.

What are the best features of a farmhouse home?

Modern style meets classic farmhouse features, like rustic wood-style finishes, brushed metal light fixtures and wide farmhouse sinks. You won't want to miss these Clayton Built® homes designed for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Find farmhouse homes in your area by applying your zip code below.

What is a traditional farmhouse home?

The traditional, also referred to as colonial, farmhouse look is probably what comes to mind when you imagine the style. Think natural wood elements throughout the home, from ceiling beams to weathered floors. Neutral and muted colors, organic textures and vintage pieces are also hallmarks of this design.

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