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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Daddy Issues?

“Daddy Issues” was released to little fanfare. It wasn’t released as a single but rather as part as The Neighbourhood’s album “Wiped Out!” on 30 October 2015. Said album performed very well on a couple of Billboard charts and went gold in the United States. But as for the song itself, it achieved its own viral status in 2020.

What is the lyrics to Daddy Issues?

Daddy Issues Lyrics: Take you like a drug / I taste you on my tongue / You ask me what I'm thinking about / I tell you that I'm thinking about / Whatever you're thinking about (ah) / Tell me something

How many addressees are there in Daddy Issues?

As crazy as such a conclusion may sound at first, perhaps the best way to describe “Daddy Issues”, i.e. the premise upon which it appears to be based, is as a pickup song. Theoretically, there are at least three different addressees, with the primary one being the “little girl” referred to in the chorus.

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