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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help a child with a phobia?

For example: 1 Talk openly about fears. Let your child know that everyone has scary thoughts and feelings sometimes, but some do more than others. ... 2 Don't reinforce specific phobias. Take advantage of opportunities to help children overcome their fears. ... 3 Model positive behavior. ...

How do medications treat specific phobias?

The main approach to treating specific phobia is a type of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Medications are not a common treatment option, but in some circumstances they may form part of a treatment plan. 2

What are phobias in children?

Phobias in children are an anxiety disorder that causes excess fear of things or situations that lasts for more than six months. If your child has a phobia, they may show a fear of things like height, some animals, insects, flying, blood, and more. There are different types of phobias that may affect your child.

Can phobias be cured?

By “unlearning” the response and substituting rational reactions, the phobia can be cured. This model favors therapy as a preferred treatment. Many phobia sufferers are best treated with a combination of medication and therapy. Most psychiatrists do not perform the types of therapy best suited to phobia treatment.

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