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Frequently Asked Questions

How serious is RSV in toddlers?

The virus starts out as a common cold that causes infection in the lungs and breathing passages. The infection can affect people of all ages, but in babies and young children, RSV is often more serious and may require treatment, especially if it causes bronchiolitis or another complication.

When can an infant return to daycare after RSV?

can go ahead and return to childcare. Most people including babies and children are most likely to spread the RSV germs before they have symptoms or even know they are sick. Your baby or child is not likely to spread germs now more than any other child. RSV is everywhere, so exposure can happen anywhere.

Do you prescribe steroids for RSV?

Systemic glucocorticosteroids (steroids) are commonly prescribed for patients with exacerbations of COPD during acute viral infections such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The effects of short-term high-dose steroid treatment on viral load and adaptive immunity to RSV have not been examined in adults. Objectives

Is RSV treated with antibiotics?

Most of the time, RSV infection is not treated with antibiotics because antibiotics do not work against viruses. But if your child gets an ear infection associated with RSV, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Younger children, especially infants, who have severe RSV pneumonia or bronchiolitis, may need to be treated in hospital.

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