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Frequently Asked Questions

Can sound and tongue stimulation relieve tinnitus?

In the largest clinical trial of its kind, researchers have discovered that a device combining sound and tongue stimulation can provide significant relief for people with tinnitus, also known as “ringing in the ears.” The study was sponsored by Neuromod Devices and published in Science Translational Medicine in early October. 1 

How do medications treat tinnitus?

Drugs can't cure tinnitus, but in some cases they may help reduce the severity of symptoms or complications. To help relieve your symptoms, your doctor may prescribe medication to treat an underlying condition or to help treat the anxiety and depression that often accompany tinnitus.

Can tongue-zapping treat tinnitus?

Other clinical trials have previously looked at similar tongue-zapping techniques to treat tinnitus, but this new research is the largest and longest followed-up clinical trial ever looking at a treatment for tinnitus. Around 10 to 15 percent of the population is affected by tinnitus.

How do you get rid of tinnitus without surgery?

Earwax removal. Removing an earwax blockage can decrease tinnitus symptoms. Treating a blood vessel condition. Underlying blood vessel conditions may require medication, surgery or another treatment to address the problem. Hearing aids.

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