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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Treatment Outcome Package?

The Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) is a questionnaire that is filled out by patients before, during and after treatment. There are different questionnaires for children, adolescents and adults. Quick and Easy. The TOP is written at a fifth grade reading level and takes an average of 8 minutes to complete.

What is TopTop assessment outcome referrals?

TOP Assessment Outcome Referrals provides clinicians with a complete, multi-dimensional assessment that clearly illustrates a patient’s strengths, needs and progress during treatment. Because individual domain scores are measured against a US population norm, the level of pathology is easily tracked.

How does outcome referrals work?

Based on their responses, Outcome Referrals produces a comprehensive report about a patient’s well-being and treatment needs. Reviewing the detailed clinical information from these reports during treatment enhances the therapeutic alliance, aids in treatment plan reviews and improves case management.

What can the top do for You?

The TOP offers the potential to develop measures of effectiveness, such as ability to handle internalizing vs. externalizing problems, as the basis for matching children and youth in the child welfare system with appropriate providers. 5. The use of a multifaceted LOC model

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