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Frequently Asked Questions

How to treat ADHD with target outcomes?

Treatment & Target Outcomes for Children with ADHD 1 In most cases, treatment for ADHD should include: Treatment for ADHD uses the same principles... 2 Setting target outcomes. At the beginning of treatment, your pediatrician should help you set... 3 Keeping the treatment plan on track: Ongoing monitoring of your child's behavior...

What are the treatment options for ADHD?

In most cases, treatment for ADHD should include: 1 A long-term management plan with. 2 Target outcomes for behavior. 3 Follow-up activities. 4 Monitoring. 5 Education about ADHD. 6 ... (more items)

How should we assess treatment outcomes in ADHD?

Conclusions:Assessment of treatment outcomes in ADHD should move beyond symptom assessment to incorporate measures of functioning, quality of life, adaptive skills, and executive function, especially when assessing long-term treatment response.

What is the long term prognosis for ADHD?

Prognosis and Long-term Outcomes. ADHD is a disorder without a cure. As such, ADHD can have a serious and long-lasting impact on a person's life. This means that for most people ADHD symptoms will never completely go away. When people learn to manage their symptoms effectively the quality of their life improves.

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