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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tumblr theme?

A theme is a skin for your Tumblr blog. It shows your posts, usually with a like & reblog button. My themes range from simple --> over the top, so take your pick.

What is the best Tumblr theme for single columns?

The Single A tumblr theme was the first theme to introduce the sticky post and featured posts. It has recently been upgraded and is a simple, but super customizable theme. Solaris is a bold, minimal and icon-heavy single-column Tumblr theme, with a number of configuration options and a super-affordable pricetag.

What is the best Tumblr theme for freelancers?

The Basic theme offers you an image zoom option if you are using this theme for a photoblog, this feature will be very useful. You have the color options to style your blog perfectly, you have the Pretty Notes option, custom pages, Google Analytics support, Disqus comment option and a lot more. Oscars is the ideal Tumblr theme for freelancers.

What is the writing pad Tumblr theme?

Writing Pad, as the name implies is a Tumblr theme targeted for writers looking to use their blog to showcase their work. It comes with a design and aesthetic appeal which makes it ideal for writing-based content.

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