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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aquaman have super powers?

Aquaman's biography and origin has been reinvented several times since 1941. Aquaman has several superhuman powers. He can breathe underwater and swim at very high speeds. Aquaman has super strength and is very hard to injure. Aquaman's most famous ability is to communicate and command marine animals.

Why Aquaman is cool?

Why Aquaman is actually pretty cool. The ability to breathe underwater. When Aquaman was created, reliable scuba gear was still in the future. The very idea of being able to breathe and move about underwater without cumbersome equipment was the stuff of dreams. The ability to command every living creature in the seas.

Is Aquaman and Poseidon the same?

similarity # 1. Poseidon controls the seas and everything under it and he is the son of Kronos. Aquaman controls the seven seas and is the son of Atlan. Similarity #2. In the war against the Titans the Cyclopes forged Poseidon a weapon called the Trident. When Aquaman became king of Atlantis he received a Trident to show he was king.

Is Aquaman a mutant?

No, he's a hybrid. Aquaman is a hybrid between ordinary Homo sapiens sapiens (landlubber humans) and h. sapiens marinus (Atlantean humans). He may have some mutations, but they don't show up in his skill sets. Aquaman's people developed telepathy and the ability to communicate over long distances with marine life.

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