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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive provider news from UCARE?

Sign Up to receive provider news from UCare via email. Check out the news archive of Health Lines provider newsletter and Provider Bulletins. See current news below or click link for our full Provider News Library.

How do I request a hard copy of my UCARE card?

To request a hard copy mailed to you, send us a message through your account in the Member Account or call Customer Service. Use this form to notify UCare of your gender if it is different than the sex you were assigned at birth.

How do I add a facility or location to UCARE?

For institutional/facility claims– billing (submitted via 837I or UB04) and attending taxonomy (submitted via 837I). Submit the Add or update a facility or location form to get enrolled in UCare’s payment system. A confirmation number will be provided confirming your submission.

What is ucucare?

UCare informs providers of critical business reminders for the Credentialing and Recredentialing Process, Pharmacy, Complex Case Management Process, Utilization Management Information, Member Rights and Responsibilities, Practitioner Support Shared Decision-Making Aids and Clinical Practice Guidelines.

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