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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UCARE formulary?

The UCare formulary is a list of generic and brand drugs that are covered by this plan(s). To be covered, the drug must be on our formulary. The most current list of covered drugs can be found on the UCare Individual & Family Plans formulary at

What happens if I don't get approval from UCARE?

If you don’t get approval, UCare Medicare Group Plans may not cover the drug. • Quantity Limits:For certain drugs, UCare Medicare Group Plans limits the amount of the drug that UCare Medicare Group Plans will cover. For example, UCare Medicare Group Plans provides 30 tablets per prescription for escitalopram20 mg.

Is the enclosed formulary current as of August 1 2021?

The enclosed formulary is current as of August 1, 2021. To get updated information about the drugs covered by UCare Medicare Group Plans, please contact us. Our contact information appears on the front and back cover pages. Updates to the UCare Medicare Group Plans Formulary are available on our website,

How do I contact UCARE's Msho?

2021 UCare’s MSHO and UCare Connect + Medicare Formulary iii If you have questions,please call UCare’s MSHO Customer Services at 612-676-6868/1-866-280-7202, UCare Connect + Medicare Customer Services at 612-676-3310/1-855-260-9707. TT 612-676-6810/ bDP\u001bSP\u000fVHYHQbGD\VDZHHN\u00117KHFDOOLVIUHH\u0011For more information, visit

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