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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UCAS end of Cycle Report 2017?

The UCAS End of Cycle Report 2017 is the first national overview of demand for, and acceptances to, UK higher education (HE) for the 2017 admissions cycle.

What is clearingclearing?

Clearing is how unis and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses. It's an ideal way for you to find another course. Advertisement. Why the ads?

How many people have been accepted through clearing this year?

Figures are compared to the equivalent day in the 2018 cycle, unless specifically stated. Updates will be published each working day, until Friday 30 August. A record 58,240 people have been accepted through Clearing in total so far this year (Clearing opened in early July), compared to 52,990 in 2018.

How many undergraduate places are on offer through UCAS?

A survey of 148 universities carried out by the Press Association survey found that 26,654 undergraduate places were on offer. Almost nine out of 10 of the institutions surveyed were advertising at least one course through Ucas.

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