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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UCAS stand for?

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service ( UCAS) manages higher education applications in the UK. Each institution has a code for use in the application process. The list below shows current institutions registered with UCAS (as of January 2019), sorted by institution legacy codes and giving their official name...

What is the fee code for UCAS application?

in the online UCAS application there is a section which says "Fee Code" and the options are: 01 Private finance. 02 LEA/SAAS/NIBd/EU/Chl/IoM. 04 Research councils. 05 DH/Regional Health.

How are course codes assigned in the UCAS system?

Course codes in the UCAS system are assigned by course providers and do not necessarily correspond to the JACS codes of the course subject. UCAS course codes are four characters in length but, unlike JACS codes, may consist of any combination of letters and numbers in any order.

What is the UCAS Tariff?

Tariff – the UCAS Tariff is the system for allocating points to the different qualifications you can use to get into undergraduate higher education. Not all qualifications will be included in the Tariff. It is for use in admissions only and is not transferable to the job market.

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