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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UCAS personal statement?

The UCAS Personal Statement is a student’s opportunity to show a university who they are and how their life experiences have shaped their academic interests and goals.

What does UCAS stand for?

UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and is what the UK uses for the college application process. Good luck on your personal statement! Copied Text! No Text Entered!

What can I do with my UCAS degree?

Take your understanding of the theories and concepts of mathematics to a higher level. Read personal statement examples written by mature UCAS students. This degree is ideal if you want to pursue a career in PR, journalism, film, advertising or broadcasting. Become a great doctor with one of the most rewarding degrees at a UK medical school.

Why should I include NCS in my CV/UCAS?

Well, NCS can help! Why is it important that I include NCS in my CV/UCAS? Long story short, employers and universities love NCS. They are going to be immediately drawn to people who have extra curricular experience because of the attributes that it shows about you.

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