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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all qualifications attract UCAS Tariff points?

Not all qualifications attract UCAS Tariff points, and very few international qualifications are included. Currently, one third of courses in the UCAS search tool have a Tariff entry requirement. Universities and colleges accept a range of qualifications, including those not on the Tariff.

What are UCAS points?

UCAS Tariff points are allocated to qualifications generally studied between the ages of 16 to 18. The main purpose of the UCAS Tariff is for universities to report data to government bodies. However, some universities and colleges use UCAS points in their entry requirements, so you may need to know how many points your qualifications are worth.

Do all universities use tariff points?

Not all universities or courses use Tariff points to calculate their offers or admit students, but all universities will record and report their UCAS Tariff on entry to generate government data and the league tables Tariff points only count for the highest level of qualification.

What is the tariff points calculator?

The Tariff points calculator – updated every year with qualifications that have been added to the UCAS Tariff. Our calculator provides an indicative guide to students of the total number of points allocated to their qualification (s). Qualification Information Profiles provide additional, detailed information about tariffed qualifications.

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