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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with UNC urgent care?

Schedule an appointment with UNC Urgent Care 24/7 by signing in or creating a new account on the website or downloading the mobile app. During your virtual care appointment, a provider will review your medical history and symptoms to help make a diagnosis.

Does UNC Health offer in-person or virtual appointments?

Both in-person and virtual appointments are being offered, including video visits with UNC Health providers. Video visits are a great way to connect with your provider from the comfort of your own home. Learn about the types of virtual care options offered at UNC Health and the benefits of each.

What should I expect when I visit a UNC Health facility?

Specific procedures vary by location, but patients coming to a UNC Health facility for an appointment should expect: Masks – Everyone entering a UNC Health facility will be given a face mask which must be worn securely during the visit. Masks lower the risk of spreading or catching the coronavirus through coughs and sneezes.

Why choose UNC Health for your care?

At UNC Health, we’re constantly monitoring and adjusting to make sure we are safely and effectively providing the care you need. We have appointments available - Delaying care can lead to otherwise avoidable complications or worsening conditions.

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