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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of vaginal dryness?

Pain, burning, and itching are just a few symptoms of vaginal dryness. Often an embarrassing topic to discuss, vaginal dryness will affect most people with a vagina at some point in their lifetime. Low estrogen levels typically cause vaginal dryness, which leads to painful sex and pelvic discomfort.

What causes vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness is a painful symptom that many people may experience at some point during their lives. This symptom can be caused by a decrease in hormone levels, breastfeeding or certain medications. It’s commonly linked to menopause. Treatment options for vaginal dryness typically depend on the cause.

How can vaginal dryness be treated?

The most common treatment for vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels is topical estrogen therapy. These replace some of the hormone your body is no longer making. That helps relieve vaginal symptoms, but it doesn't put as much estrogen in your bloodstream as the hormone therapy you take in pills.

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