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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any home remedies for vaginal odor after menopause?

A strong vagina smell may be the result of vaginal infections, harmful bacteria, yeast infections, or changes to vulvovaginal health. However, a change in vaginal odor after menopause can often be managed with vaginal moisturizers or feminine care products like Hemp Feminine Cream, Balm, and Wash.

What causes vaginal odor after menopause?

When the pH is out of balance, it might be a symptom of an infection that causes vaginal odor after menopause. Medications, mostly antibiotics, can interfere with the bacteria balance of the vagina causing odor changes. Antihistamines and herbal therapies may also cause these changes.

Can diet changes affect vaginal odor after menopause?

“Odor can also be caused by poor diet and increased toxicity,” says Dr. Riobe. Now of course, a woman can become depressed upon learning that she’s going through menopause or having the knowledge that she’s just completed menopause, and is now officially “postmenopausal.”

Can sexually transmitted infections affect vaginal odor after menopause?

Sexually transmitted infections like trichomoniasis can affect vaginal odor as well. 6 If your vaginal scent seems to change when your nerves are frayed, you're not imagining it. The stress hormone cortisol has been shown to cause changes to the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina 7, which may result in a shift in menopause vaginal odor.

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