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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vicksburg Michigan famous for?

In the early 1900’s, Vicksburg was home to one of the country’s most significant paper mills, and Michigan was one of the largest producers of antique stoves in the country. The Mill will pay tribute to these rich histories with additional collections focused on these trades.

What's happening at the mill at Vicksburg?

Come along as we share the compelling story of beer and its place in The Mill at Vicksburg, including the Cone Top Brewery Museum devoted to breweriana. See how this historic paper mill is transforming from the verge of demolition into a vibrant culture of music, beer and entertainment.

Who are Vicksburg's largest employers?

At its peak, The Mill employed 250 workers as Vicksburg’s largest employer. We sat down with Jill Younger and Cris Najar—Mackenzies Bakery Production Manager and Head Baker—to learn more about the new Mackenzies coming to downtown Vicksburg.

What is enenvision Vicksburg?

Envision a campus–home to multiple breweries, barley malting and hops processing facilities, light manufacturing and support services for our tenants. For nearly 100 years, the Mill defined manufacturing in Vicksburg by acting as a pillar of the community that impacted every aspect of life in the Village.

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