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Frequently Asked Questions

What is that Vegan teacher real name?

The real name of That Vegan Teacher is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. She was born in September 1964 in Montreal, Canada. Despite her real name, she is often known for her internet name, That Vegan Teacher, Miss Kadie, and Miss Karen English Teacher. She has got 151k subscribers recently, with 43.4 million views.

Why was that Vegan teacher banned on TikTok?

Why was That Vegan Teacher banned on TikTok? The exact reason for the ban is still unknown, but Diekmeyer has been a controversial presence on the viral video app. Diekmeyer was known for consistently trying to convince others, like celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, to go vegan.

Does that Vegan teacher have kids?

TikTok User That Vegan Teacher is not pregnant as of August 2021, she has not revealed anything yet. TikTok user That Vegan Teacher aka Kadie Karen Diekmeyer is a famous TikTok personality. Her fame did not come from good, as she has been indulged in several controversies in the past few years.

Why was the Vegan teacher arrested?

What did she do? According to the rumors, Kadie was arrested after she made fun of a commenter who commented that his friend had died after turning into a vegan. Also, she was seen advising Gordon Ramsay not to eat meat or harm animals.

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