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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 10TV News Columbus Ohio?

10TV News Columbus Ohio claims to be the leading news provider of Ohio’s market and also justifies it by keeping its audience updated with local, international, and political news. Other hot topics of Channel 10 Columbus Ohio include health, entertainment, weather and traffic forecasting.

What channel is WBNS 10TV on?

WBNS 10TV can be watched in its licensed coverage area on virtual channel 10 and UHF digital channel 21. You can also tune on channel 10.1 via WBNS TV to watch 1080i transmission. However, for 480i transmission, you can tune from channel 10.2 to channel 10.6 via MeTV, Dabl, Justice Network, Quest, and Circle.

Who owns 10TV News?

All assets of 10TV News are owned by Tegna Inc, which also owns two sibling channels WBNS-FM and WBNS. All three of these broadcasters are headquartered on Twin Drive West of Downtown Columbus. The Federal Communications Commission approved 10TV Columbus to operate locally by using 1,000 kW of transmitter power.

Is channel 10 Columbus the pioneer of digital transmission?

Although Channel 10 Columbus claims to be the pioneer of digital transmission, there are several other broadcasters in the market which have sort of similar claims.

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