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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I withdraw a probate petition?

You do not need any specific legal form. From what you have said in your question, a letter from you to the judge asking to close the case as there is nothing to probate should be sufficient. You might copy the letter to the clerk of the probate court.

What does a probate court do with a will?

To probate a will means to give the deceased’s will to a judge or court for the process of overseeing the final distribution of the estate in a way that complies with the laws of the jurisdiction and the will itself.

What is the typical probate process?

The process of probate usually takes 1-3 months depending on the complexity of the estate. It can then take up to 6 months to close accounts, sell property and pay taxes. Get a quick estimate. Answer a few simple questions to find out how long probate could take based on your situation.

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