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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does cold air sink and hot air rise?

Cold air sinks, while hot air rises, due to the cold air being denser, absorbs less energy, and is found at a lower altitude, which is why it is closer to the surface of the Earth. Here’s an easier way to remember why cold air sinks—the further away from the sun you get, the cooler it is. Atmospheric (air) pressure is influenced by temperature, ...

Does high pressure promote sinking air?

(1) High pressure promotes sinking air. As air sinks it warms adiabatically. Sinking air will warm at the dry adiabatic lapse rate due to the air being unsaturated. When high pressure promotes sinking air, the air will not sink at a uniform rate at all levels of the troposphere.

Why does the air get warmer in the summer?

Explanation: As air sinks the molecules of oxygen and nitrogen get squished together and so the pressure increases. As this happens, the air molecules tend to heat up as well so the air gets warmer. This is why in the summer when you have clear blue skies and warm or hot temperatures, this is almost always due to a high pressure system. High...

What happens when air sinks down?

Air sinking down compresses air at the surface, raising temperatures near the ground. Also, where the air is sinking it prevents moist, warm air at the surface from rising, where it would eventually cool and form clouds.

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