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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are wikiHow memes so funny?

If we change the title of those messed up images with some wacky title, then it becomes a funny meme. Not to mention some even turn out to be dark wikiHow memes too.

How do I become funny?

Learn from funny people. You can expand your reach a good deal by listening to other funny people. Whether they're professional comedians, your parents, your kids, or your boss, learning from the funny people in your life is a key step to being funny yourself. Keep a note of some of the funnier things these people say or do.

What are the things to know when not to be funny?

Know when not to be funny. Be especially careful about cracking jokes or pulling pranks during funerals and weddings, places of worship (or religious events), and whenever your humor could be mistaken for harassment or discrimination, or if your humor might physically harm somebody, as in a physical prank. Be observant.

Is it hard to be funny?

Being funny might seem like it takes a lot of work, but it's actually not that hard once you tap into your inner sense of humor. Even if you don’t think you’re naturally funny, there are things you can do to make yourself and other people laugh. Learn a little about what makes you laugh.

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