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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cheapest days to fly on American Airlines?

How to Find Airfare Deals on American. Fly the cheapest days: On U.S. flights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are usually the cheapest days to fly. On international flights, weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends (but not always).

What is American Airlines cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy. When you book a reservation on American Airlines, you are entitled to a refund if your fare permits cancellations without penalty. If you cancel a reservation and you are not eligible for a refund, you can use the price of your ticket toward a new reservation within 13 months of the cancellation.

How do you track flight on American Airlines?

To check the status of an American Airlines flight, visit and select Flight Status on the home page. Alternatively, a range of flight-tracking sites including and offer flight status updates and real-time flight information for all commercial airlines, including American Airlines.

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