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Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers are in a Los Angeles zip code?

All Los Angeles ZIP Codes have five numbers. In addition, it all starts with 90 or 91 and continues with three more numbers. In summary, Los Angeles ZIP Codes are from 90001 to 91609. Use this short guide to assist you in looking for ZIP Codes in Los Angeles.

How can I find a specific ZIP code for Los Angeles, CA?

Another helpful tool you can use to locate Los Angeles ZIP Codes is the interactive map by the City of Los Angeles GeoHub. Simply click on an area and a box of information appears, which includes the ZIP Code number and Analysis Area. Click to enlarge the zip code map.

How many ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) are there in Los Angeles, CA?

The location Los Angeles, CA has 102 differents ZIP Codes. Check the map below to check your ZIP Code. Load more... ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) for Los Angeles, CA ZIP Code. A ZCTA is a generalized area representation of the american ZIP Code service area.

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