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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 8080 used for?

Port 8080 is commonly used to run applications accessible by http. Another common use for port 8080 is http proxies. There is also software that can allow a port to respond to multiple protocols, so you can actually have port 8080 be both http and https. It depends on how you have the server configured.

What does the number 8080 refer to?

The meaning of the number 8080 in the spiritual speaks of transformation, of the beginning of something new. Just as the eighth day begins a new cycle in the week, also in music it has an important meaning. And it is that the eighth is the fundamental unit in the scales, being the eighth note the same as the first, and the beginning of a new unit.

How to enable port 8080?

You can also just replace the old port number with the new one if you don’t need your site accessible on both Ports. All Done. Your Website should now be accessible using either Port. Be sure to test your work by hitting your website on the new Port number:

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