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What does adopt stand for?

it means win/fair/lose, so basically they are asking people if the trade is fair, lose (they are overpaying), or win (it's a really lucky trade and they are under) hope this helps! ^^ it means whether the trade is win/fair/lose For all things related to the Adopt Me roblox game. Reddit Inc © 2021 .

What' s new at adopt?

These dogs will be available for adoption “in due course,” according to the shelters. The relocations are the result of a new partnership between the South Carolina and Massachusetts animal protection organizations. “We’ve been working hard to ...

Who is allowed to adopt a child?

She decided to look into adoption, and went on to add four more children to her family. After Madonna adopted her first child from Malawi in 2006, she was wary of doing the same thing again. She faced heavy criticism after her first adoption, which she ...

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